Information Technology

Today's demands for IT infrastructures are enormous. Even short failures can cause serious breakdowns or deadlocks of essential parts of your business. Thus redundant, robust and reliably maintained infrastructures become more and more crucial.

Many years of experience with heterogeneous systems for both server and desktop environments allow us to build system solutions that meet the highest requirements. This includes not only reliability and operational availability of servers and services, but also data integrity and security.

Open Source

The term open source stands for software with free, publicly available source code that can be copied and redistributed with or without modifications. This allows a rapid software development process including community-driven testing in a way that can be rarely accomplished by a commercial software.

Open source software is developed, tested and maintained by a large community of developers. The software is free to use which means that you don't pay any license fees. Further the source code is freely available which allows us to adopt and customize the software according to your needs.


We offer support with a detailed requirements analysis, the acquisition of hard- and software and the necessary customizations for your business. Our combined server and software solutions will guarantee not only high availability and performance, but also quick recovery in case of failures.

Next to configuration and installation of soft- and hardware, we further offer individual training for your employees that is explicitly tailored to your new infrastructure. Thereby contributing to a fast migration and a proper and efficient use of your new infrastructure.

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Back in Game: Kolab 3.3 for Gentoo

June 4, 2015 by Daniel Morlock

Some weeks after the official Kolab 3.4 release we finally released the Gentoo packages for Kolab 3.3 including the usual benefits like the CalDAV/iCAL ready calendar plugin and the Getmail plugin which allows fetching mails from any external email account right into your Kolab Groupware.

During this release some things required much more work than we've expected. To speed things up for the next time we plan to cooperate more closely with the Kolab developers and the community. For example we finally requested the multi-driver support for the calendar plugin to be pushed upstream. The required patch is currently pending and waiting for approval. Further we had some great release planning meetings with the Kolab guys where they announced to also keep focus on quality assurance and upgrade paths for the community version. For example, as a first result, a detailled migration guide for Kolab 3.3 can be found here.

In the meantime we keep working on the upcoming Gentoo packages for Kolab 3.4. Included are the brand new chameleon skin and a lot of bugfixes which make the Kolab 3.4 release "probably the best quality assured stable release has yet performed".

Find detailled installation instruction in our wiki:
Report bugs or patches to our Gitlab:




Mail Address Tags With Zarafa

Jan. 9, 2015 by Robin Lutz

Mail Address Tags or Mail Address Extensions are meant to allow a user to extend his or her email address. The user can add a tag (or extension) to his address and will still recive mail in his standard inbox. Lets make an example: the email address of Robert may be Using address tags, Robert can add the name of the page where he has registered himself with his mail address, for example The seperation with a plus sign is not a must, but it is the common use. In fact you could use any valid email string to indicate mail tags. When Robert now recives an email with such a tag, he can easily create a filter rule for example to move all tagged emails to a specific folder.

Zarafa does not support address tags at the moment. But when running zarafa with postfix it is possible to use the flexibility of postfix to accomplish email tag support with zarafa.


Android App: Remote Keyboard

Dec. 26, 2014 by Robin Lutz

As a big fan of open source software, I'm running my Android phone without Google's Play Store. The only resource for apps I use is FDroid. And there are some really nice apps available. In this post I'll show you how to install and setup a remote keyboard app that also includes clipboard management. And the best part: It does not require any special software!


Change KVM/Ganeti Storage Controller For A Windows Guest

Nov. 27, 2014 by Robin Lutz

The old Windows 2003 Server of a customer, which was mentioned in an earlier post, encountered some problems since the last windows update. Varied blue screens indicated a problem with the virtual storage controller. As this was still an virtual IDE controller, an update to the VirtIO SCSI drivers was the logic step to do.