Some weeks after the official Kolab 3.4 release we finally released the Gentoo packages for Kolab 3.3 including the usual benefits like the CalDAV/iCAL ready calendar plugin and the Getmail plugin which allows fetching mails from any external email account right into your Kolab Groupware.

During this release some things required much more work than we’ve expected. To speed things up for the next time we plan to cooperate more closely with the Kolab developers and the community. For example we finally requested the multi-driver support for the calendar plugin to be pushed upstream. The required patch is currently pending and waiting for approval. Further we had some great release planning meetings with the Kolab guys where they announced to also keep focus on quality assurance and upgrade paths for the community version. For example, as a first result, a detailled migration guide for Kolab 3.3 can be found here.

In the meantime we keep working on the upcoming Gentoo packages for Kolab 3.4. Included are the brand new chameleon skin and a lot of bugfixes which make the Kolab 3.4 release „probably the best quality assured stable release has yet performed“.

Find detailled installation instruction in our wiki:
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